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Wholesale sanitary trade

gevis – the industry solution with

  • a very high degree of market penetration: Numerous wholesale dealer already use the gevis ERP system
  • all administrative and financially relevant processes in a single system
  • extensive SANGROSS know-how that greatly facilitates conversion to gevis
  • close cooperation with associations and industry organizations, e.g. E/D/E Wupper-Ring
J. N. Kreiller KG J. N. Kreiller KG


eCommerce / EDI

w.info/w.shop: Offers both its own online shop system and a platform for communication with other shops and portals as well as electronic exchange with the respective associations. The branch office on the Internet is integrated into gevis business logic (document archive, statistics, downloads). w.mobile can be operated on all conventional devices (iPhone, iPad, Android cell phones), instantaneous information from gevis, online access to the gevis EDI as a file interpreter via the Internet: Efficient processes between trading and group partners can only function with a smooth flow of information and thus make cost reductions and higher throughput speeds possible.

Efficient Master Data Management

Quick and qualified access to product data is often crucial in technical trading. Suppliers’ item data can be automatically read into catalog database in any format using the gevis catalog module.

Customer Relations as a Strategy

Flexible segmenting and classification of customers, prospective customers and contact data provide for comprehensive knowledge about commercial partners as well as the ability to address the target group.

Creation of Optimum Links

Perfect communication with the head offices of the various cooperative groups and their respective members forms the basic prerequisite for smooth business operations. We made it our task to create the necessary structures nesessary to accelerate communication processes, thus making them more efficient.

Qualified Quotation and Order Processing

Quotation and order processing represent the core processes when it comes to trade. The functions available in gevis provide a solid and well-developed basis to this end. The flexible options for designing the masks and business operations, all the way up to user level, make it possible to effectively adapt the gevis system to accommodate constantly changing market conditions.

Other Features

  • Business intelligence
  • CRM
  • Document management
  • Dynamic minimum inventory
  • Intercompany
  • Internet portals
  • Contracts
  • Mobile data collection
  • Emergency workplace
  • Property management
  • Office integration
  • Link to Outlook
  • Accounting
  • etc.

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