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Vehicle parts trade

gevis – the industry solution with

  • a role-based user surface and integrated functionalities
  • optimal processing of worn component taxes and worn component pledge processing
  • a standardized link to B2B platforms: e.g. TecCom, Autoteilepilot, nexMart
  • the possibility of full integration of the s.dok/s.scan document management system and the shop system


Worn Components/Replacement Components Management

Pledge accounts for the management of replacement part pledges are available in palette accounts management in both purchasing and sales. Calculation of the selling price makes it possible to allocate pledge prices for the respective replacement part. The degree of detail of worn components allocation can be freely configured from a 1:1 ratio up to only one worn component for the entire company. A special worn component return slip for returning worn components can be created when the delivery slip is printed.

Efficient Master Data Management

Quick and targeted access to the often large and specific item data stocks is decisive for sales consultations in the vehicle parts trade. Apart from conventional item data, business-critical terms and conditions as well as information involving calculations are often provided by the suppliers which then have to be thoroughly categorized when transferred to the ERP system.

Set Lists and Stock Lists

Management of stock lists and sets is a functionality that is typical for the industry and shows its complexity in detail. Simple compilation of a complete set with total price calculation and special procurement items is a special challenge that is typical for day-to-day business in the vehicle parts trade and industrial supplies.

TecCom Portal Link

Queries of both online availability and EDI processes from the purchase order to the electronic invoice dispatch are realized in gevis for the TecCom portal that has become the standard in the industry.

Central Warehouse/Field Inventory Organization

The availability of all field inventory stocks can be accessed from the customer order. Procurement (internal goods traffic) or direct shipment to the customer via the respective branch office (order splitting) is also a possible option.

Other Features

  • integration of leading logistics systems
  • standardized linking with B2B platforms, e.g. TecCom, Autoteilepilot, nexMart
  • standardized linking with catalog systems, e.g. ARUA
  • variable display of alternative, auxiliary and follow-up items
  • variable item search for vehicle-specific property fields
  • etc.

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