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Steel trade

gevis – the industry solution with

  • comprehensive industry know-how particularly for your branch of industry
  • integration into the supply chains of associations, customers and suppliers
  • numerous special functions specific to the steel trade such as residual length management, cut quantity optimization (suggested cut), certification management and much more
  • well-known references & constant further development
G. Elsinghorst Stahl und Technik GmbH G. Elsinghorst Stahl und Technik GmbH



  • Convenient entry of additional services
  • Drilling, sawing, galvanizing, spraying, priming
  • Overview of prefabrications across all orders
  • Summary of similar prefabrications (e.g. saws for cut optimization)
  • Call for each storage area and work operation
  • Option to indicate cost types on the vouchers (e.g. indicate costs, take costs into consideration)

Length Management

  • Length management, unit management, batch management
  • Management of variable quantity units (kilogram, meter, warehouse periods, bundle, etc.)
  • Convenient entry windows

Sectional View and Saw Lists

  • Material requisition slip for commissioning both on paper and electronically
  • In future also sent electronically to saws
  • Allocation of sectional views
    • Simple sectional view as JPG
    • Electronic sectional view as DXF file or DSTV file from CAD systems

Interfaces to Subsystems

  • Behringer sawing plant
  • High-bay warehouse
    • Atlas 
    • Kasto (interface is active for Elsinghorst)
  • Reinforcement shop - Lennerts & Partner
  • Control station
  • A control station is available in connection with the Kasto plant (across all storage areas or per storage area) in which the status of an order is clear (e.g. approved, outstanding, booked)
  • Thus, if a customer still wishes to make changes to an order that has been placed, provided such changes are still possible as a function of the respective status, this information can be accessed immediately by the customer
  • Information with regard to orders on hand/commissioning orders on hand per storage area (e.g. per saw) can be recognized, which AB level is given on the subsequent day (at the saw). At the same time the question of how much tonnage is to be managed is answered.
  • Status display: “Processed” or “In progress”

Suggested Cut

  • Cut suggestion function
  • Residual length optimization (manual or automatic)
  • Scrap management
  • Residual lengths at batch level
  • Provision of cause code

Certificate Management

  • Certificate management and automatic issue
  • Certificates are deposited in the archive and can be automatically allocated when issued

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