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Sports & events

GWS sport solution with

  • the possibility of mapping everything in a single system – from finances to merchandising, all the way through to the administration of memberships
  • links to shops and checkout
  • integration of ticket systems and cashless payment in and outside of a sports facility
  • numerous references from the German Federal Football League
FC Schalke 04 Arena Management GmbH FC Schalke 04 Arena Management GmbH



Quick and efficient order processing and administration has the highest priority in the day to day operations of merchandising. The convenient order management feature has been supplemented with numerous functions which provide for quick and easy order entry for both fans and commercial customers, particularly at the start of the season or for Christmas sales. The flexible design of the masks and the adjustment to the requirements of the respective clubs help to optimize business processes and thus provide for lasting and increased efficiency.  All of the relevant customer information is visible at the press of a button in a central information cockpit. The process of integrating trade partners or online sales platforms is carried out flexibly; master data is exchanged automatically, while orders are written directly into the central GWS sport system.

Membership Administration with Value Added

The boom in membership in the clubs of the federal football leagues requires a quick and easy approach when it comes to handling memberships in order to ensure that administration of five- and six-digit figure deposits is possible. The integrated process in GWS Sport makes it possible to create a membership along with an identification card, receipt and cover letter within minutes. What is more, the data record of the respective member never has to be handled again as a result of forward-looking membership creation. The best way to process the target dates for collecting membership fees in a quick and highly efficient manner.

POS checkout in Federal Football League

Quick, secure and simple: The gevis checkout solution combines all of these features. Supplemented with a wide range of functions, all of the specific requirements of the professional retail trade are covered. With the tried and proven touchscreen interface, the checkout solution is quick and easy to learn both in online and in offline mode, and is much more than just a checkout solution for checkout staff. In addition to sophisticated rights management along with the cash desk supervision function and individual management of the various cash shops, an individual configuration can be provided for each checkout that takes the corresponding special requirements of the respective checkout point into account. Items can be visually represented by using shortcut keys – either per item or through formation of individual groups in order, for example, to make it possible for checkout staff to register pins, magnets, badges or other items that cannot be scanned. With the new coupon processing, the user can easily redeem the coupon amount in steps and/or give away these gift cards.


The proceeds obtained through sponsoring make a considerable contribution toward a sports club’s financial leeway. This makes transparent representation and proper processing of the contracts that have been concluded all the more important. GWS Sport ensures structured data entry that also provides for clear forecasts within the scope of the various evaluation possibilities.


For every sports club the ticketing processing represents a particular challenge that several providers have successfully addressed with special software. This applies in particular to the very sensitive Web Front End segment, so that even the sales start for the Champions League is prepared for a pinpoint attack. Here GWS concentrates on connection to the most successful providers in order to import all of the relevant data for ERP and CRM and make such data available to the user – as if there were an actual module in GWS Sport. Ten years of dynamic use in large and small sports clubs says more than enough. Cooperation with the ticketing provider BFN (link to BFN and/or to the description of the BFN Ticketing module on the BFN page) rounds out the picture.

Transparent Finance Management

The heart of the GWS Sport solution consists in centralized and fully integrated financial accounting that provides for transparent representation of the main and subsidiary books of the respective accounts. The flexible configuration possibilities thus allow for unlimited evaluation possibilities. Each reservation in the system can be reconstructed up to the item level and makes working with the system both easy and efficient.


The functional scope of the financial accounting feature is geared to the requirements of modern finance management in the sphere of professional sports. The extensive and proven functions of our business experience round out the functions as well. All of the values and figures from your respective departments flow directly into finance management with the complete integration of all fields of application in the centralized system of GWS Sport. Thus you have a complete overview of all outstanding bookkeeping items and net funds at all times. On the basis of your actual figures you can compile comprehensive analyses, realistically plan your budgets, safely manage your capital and reinforce every aspect of new business decisions. And, of course, the system allows you to use as many clients as you like.

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