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The Flexible Connection
gevis for Purchasing Cooperatives and Cooperative Groups

Networking creates efficiency. Cooperatives and associations rely on this. Our merchandise planning and control systems and combined solutions such as, for example, our gevis ERP solution are designed precisely with this in mind. They are the result of our many years of experience in working with purchasing cooperatives and cooperative groups. Therefore they satisfy the requirements that have to be met by networked companies – the provision of prompt, cost-reduced and transparent operations.

More than 400 of our combined solutions have been installed in varying configurations and are in operation among diverse cooperative groups and member companies today. Their task is to connect corporate units, provide for optimum use of resources, while saving time, expenditure and costs. In different designs with optimum features for the respective place of deployment, and optimization of all IT supported process steps.

As a partner for efficiency enhancing networking and merchandise planning and control systems we offer modular solutions precisely adapted to the requirements of your company: as a whole or for pinpoint deployment. The flexibility of our solutions represents an advantage particularly for cooperatives and cooperating groups because the different variants allow for perfect application:

  • as an integral link between the head offices of cooperative groups and their individual members
  • for linking members among themselves while the head office employs a different system
  • as a solution used exclusively at the head office (e.g. IGA Optic, WIR-FÜR-SIE)

Not only are our software solutions geared to individual local requirements; our consultants, our technical support and constant development of updates form an effectively integrated basis for simple processes and more economy for purchasing cooperatives and associations.

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